Roadtrip 2011: Quezon’s own Paradise– Bangkong Kahoy Valley

I’ve been procrastinating to write this particular blog. Not because I don’t want to write it but ONLY BECAUSE I’m afraid that I won’t be able to give justice to Bangkong Kahoy (BK) Valley. I fell in love with this place the moment I stepped foot on it. I’m not a believer of Love at first sight but certainly, I fell in love w/ BK Valley at first sight!

My dad has been trying to persuade us to go camping with him. He even bought camping gears! BUT none of us want to. Most esp my sister & my mom. I’m the most adventurous among the 3 of us (me, mom & sis) and I used to go to immersions & camps every summer. But not my mom & sister. My sister would refuse to go somewhere without an A/C. So we looked for a resort/place that could give us best of both worlds.

Then, my dad found BK Valley Resort in the internet. We saw the pictures in their multiply site, read some blogs and we were convinced! BK Valley it is! THANK GOD WE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION!

Let’s continue where we left off in my previous post. So after having lunch in Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Tayabas, we continued driving going to Dolores, Quezon. It took us about 60-90min from Tayabas to Dolores. But it is nearer if you’ll be coming from San Pablo. (Since we had to go to Lucban, we had no choice but take the longer route) In Dolores, we then drove to Brgy. Kinabuhayan.

Resort's hummer

Getting to BK Valley isn’t that easy but I assure you, it’s more than worth it. It’s like finding a pot of gold in the end of the rainbow! Anyway, from Kinabuhayan, you can either trek to BK Valley or you can ask BK Valley to pick you up. Of course, we chose the latter. So we left our car at Brgy. Kinabuhayan and rode the resort’s hummer. Why? Because ordinary vehicles cannot take the terrain going to BK Valley. BUT WE REALLY ENJOYED THE RIDE!! 0=D SO MUCH FUN! My mom was a little scared (she’s scared of everything!) but the 3 of us were having fun! LOL


Mt. Cristobal Peak

Few minutes & lots of bumps later, we finally arrived at BK Valley!  Bangkong Kahoy

Valley sits in between Mt. Banahaw & Mt. Cristobal & is at 2,900 ft above sea level! It has the best of both worlds–I mean both mountains! To quote:

“BK Valley sits between the mountains of Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw. One gets a magnificent view of the two mountains interacting with the moods of sun, the wind and the rain, constantly changing, always proclaiming the glory of its Maker”

Mt. Banahaw Peak

(Imagine waking up every morning, with these two mountains as your view! Just AMAZING.)

Thanks to its location, while everyone in Manila was complaining about the heat, we had our jackets on the entire time! My sister didn’t look for an A/C even once! 0;p So, my TIP: PREPARE FOR ALL KINDS OF WEATHER!


As soon as we arrived, we were just mesmerized by the view! Above all, we could finally breathe FRESH AIR! Something we don’t have here in the metro!

We were also mesmerized by the hospitality of the people in BK Valley! They really took care of us throughout our entire stay! We felt that we’re part of their community! =)

Cottage-- 2 beds (Living area & Loft)


We then settled in to our cottage which I just adore! You have 3 options: 1) rent a cottage 2) just pitch a tent & 3) for those who really want luxury which I’ll discuss later. Their cottage can accommodate 4 pax. Each cottage has two matrimonial beds– 1 in the living room & the other one is in the “loft”. My favorite feature of their cottage is that the living area has only one wall! The cottage is just so open that even if you’re not sleeping in a tent, you still feel close with nature.

Cottage's Washing Area & Bathroom door

Each bed is draped with a mosquito net to protect you from insect bites. Also, having no walls gives you a natural ventilation! Certainly no need for an A/C or an electric fan! It gets really cold at night! Don’t worry about privacy in spite of having no walls. And besides, if you’re the paranoid type, you can sleep at the loft. And the best part of having no walls is that the moment you open your eyes, the views of the mountains are the first things you see! It’s really PRICELESS! Speaking of price, the cottage only costs 1,600 for 4 pax. Cheap right? Or if you’re more adventurous or looking for a cheaper accommodation, you can just pitch a tent. 0;)

with Mr. Dion

In spite of being so tired from being on the road since 4am, we started to go around BK Valley right after putting our bags in the cottage. First, because the place is just too irresistible. Second, we want to enjoy the place as much as possible given our limited time. 0=) Mr. Dion Pullan, the owner & an environmentalist is the most gracious host EVER. Plus, I love talking to him esp. about the environment! I love that he also believes in sustainability, community development and planting NATIVE trees. There are just so many people who call themselves environmentalists but they don’t necessarily believe in those principles. Some people limit Environmentalism to Reforestation & Conservation. He shared to us some of his plans and I really hope those projects will be sustained for a very long time or that his plans will be realized. Going back, he toured us around the resort and the four of us just can’t stop taking pictures! I’ll now let the pictures speak for themselves:

The other cottages & the tennis court. Mt. Cristobal in the background

Mt. BANAHAW as my backdrop!!

Camping area! (Much bigger in reality--this is only half of the area)

It’s also amazing that I witnessed the SKY turned to different colors in just one afternoon:



JADE VINE-- Endemic to Philippines!

Wild Hydrangeas


BIggest snail I've ever seen!

Raspberries!! YUUUMMY!

Yellow Bug

BK Valley’s Facilities

BK Valley has a sari-sari store for basic needs & wants.

Dedicated to Dr. Gerry Ortega

They also have a COFFEE SHOP run by the youth of Bangkong Kahoy! Their coffee shop is in an area they named “Doc Gerry Ortega Park” dedicated of course to Doc Gerry, an environmentalist who was killed because of his advocacy. I think it is really sweet of them to do this as a memorial to a noble man. 0=)


Hanging Bridge going to the Zipline's jump off point

Suiting up!

I didn’t try but my sister did & she really enjoyed it! According to her, the zip line is just long enough & it’s not too fast that you could actually enjoy the scenery. Another good thing is that it only costs Php 50.00-100.00 pesos!

Bird watching deck

BK Valley is just the perfect place for bird watchers! I’ve actually seen blogs by bird watchers talking about their amazing time in BK Valley. I’m not a bird watcher and yet I’ve seen so many species of birds & I can just hear birds chirping all the time! 0=) They even have a bird watching deck!

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a 3rd option for accommodation. The “luxurious option.” You could opt to rent a house. It is actually a private property but they would sometimes rent it out with the exception of the Masters bedroom. There are three things I love about this house: One is that the entire “front” wall of the house is glass which gives you a great view of  Mt. Banahaw! (Although you could have a great view of the mountains in the cottages as well.)

Second is the JACUZZI! I would really want to try their Jacuzzi. Yeah, you could have a jacuzzi any where but  just imagine being in a jacuzzi 2,900 ft above sea level & Mt. Banahaw as your view/background!! I’m sure it’ll be an amazing experience! I dunno when, but I must try that at least once in my lifetime! 0=D

Third, the bathroom in the masters bedroom. It’s not open to public but gosh I just love to have a bathroom like that. Why? I’ll just show you a picture:

Wouldn't you want to have a bathroom w/ a view like this?

If I were to live in BK Valley, I would prefer that house but for vacation I’d still choose the cottage since I think the experience the cottage brings is different.

Now let’s talk about FOOOOOOOOOD!

The meals in BK Valley are just home-cooked meals. BUT they’re delicious. What makes them good is the fact that everything is ORGANIC. Each vegetable is harvested from BK Valley so you’re assured that their fresh & again, organic. You can never go wrong with fresh & organic ingredients!

BK's Veggie Burger w/ Kamote fries

I love their veggie burger which tastes like a Chicken burger! I actually thought it was a chicken burger until I was told that it’s not! I also loooove ALL the drinks they served us!

Salad with RASPBERRIES!!

Sadly we had to leave BK Valley by 12pm. We would REALLY REALLY want to stay longer esp. my sister & I! But we had to go to Laguna.

I LOVE BK VALLEY. I just love everything about it. It amazes me that there’s such a paradise just few hours away from Manila! Certainly, I will go back to BK Valley. I would want to stay at least once a year just to relax. I would also want to stay here to study maybe for Comps exam or maybe when there’s already a licensure exam for Clinical Psychologists!

I also recommend this place for teambuildings, retreats or YOGA sessions! This is also a great place to MEDITATE! Above all, this is a perfect place to CAMP most especially for Eco-camps!


I could list a thousand more reasons why you should go to BK Valley! But I hope this blog is convincing enough for you to pay this place a visit. I assure you, the trip is worth it. Even if you’re not the adventurous-nature tripping type of person. 0;)


PS: Mr. Dion even gave me a PUMPKIN coz I mentioned that I love pumpkins!!

For those who would like to get to BK Valley via Public Transportation, you could get instructions by clicking here.

For inquiries & reservations: email or call/SMS 0929-8198537 or 0918-5093224.

Hopefully, I could post the last part of our roadtrip this week or this coming weekend!


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5 Responses to Roadtrip 2011: Quezon’s own Paradise– Bangkong Kahoy Valley

  1. Dion Lontok-de Gracia Pullan says:

    Hi Angel, Thanks heaps for enjoying and promoting my place. Wish you all the best! Hope to see you soon and my best regards to the whole family.

    • Lots of my friends/readers have been asking me about BK Valley! They wanna go there too! 0=)
      My family sends their regards too! We really miss BK Valley! Hope to see you soon as well! 0=D

  2. Great place for a weekend getaway 🙂

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